13- V brake adjustment


Rear brake has been adjusted in the

So usually no further adjustment is required. For the front brake the steps are explained briefly below.

If you require further information, please watch the video provided at the end of this section.


Using an Allen key, loosen the brake pad bolt on one side. Push the brake arm towards the wheel and adjust the brake pad so that it places exactly on the rim without touching the tyre as shown in photo 1. Now, while holding the brake pad tigthen the bolt again. Do the same on the other side.


Push the brake levers towards each other and put the brake noodle inside the noodle holder (photo 2). If you can’t put the brake noodle inside the noodle holder because the cable is too short, then you should loosen the anchor bolt (highlighted in photo 2), extend the length of the brake cable and tighten the anchor bolt


At this step the distance from each brake pad to the rim might not be the same (We will center the brakes later in this step). However, the sum of space from both brake pads to the rim should not be more than 4 mm. You can adjust the distance of the brake pads to the rim by loosening the anchor bolt, adjusting the length of the brake cable and tightening the bolt again.


If the right and left brake pads do not have the same distance from the rim, you can center the brakes by adjusting “Spring tension centering screws” located on both brake arms .

On the side that is closer to the rim, you should tighten this screw a bit and on the side that is farther from the rim, loosen this screw a bit until the distance from both pads to the rim is the same. If you can’t make both brake pads having the same distance from the rim with the “spring tension centering screws”, then probably the wheel is not centered. In that case you should loosen the wheel nuts, center the wheel (so that each side of the tyre has the same distance to the bike’s fork) and then retry to center the brake pads.


If you are still having difficulties adjusting the brakes, please watch the video below for more detailed information on how to adjust v Please watch the video from 3:40 to 13:30.

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