IMPORTANT: The laws around the use of electric bikes on public lands, roads and areas vary from state to state. We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a bike to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles.Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.


Press and hold the power button until the bike’s LCD turns on (photo 1). Then by pressing the ‘+’ button, you can increase the pedal assist level from 1 to 6. After setting the pedal assist level, you can start riding the bike. It is suggested to always start your ride at pedal assist level 1 and then gradually increase it, if needed.


The bike has three power modes (eco, normal & power). The “power” mode offers the maximum power while the “eco” mode offers the least power but the max range and the “normal” mode offers a balance between power and range. By default the bike is on “normal” mode, however if needed you can change the default mode. In order to do so, please turn on the bike, hold the “set” button for 3 seconds until “0” is shown on the top right corner of the LCD.
Then press “+” one time so that the mode changes to “power”, or press “-” one time if you want to change to “eco” mode. Then you need to hold the “set” button for another 3 seconds until the LCD saves the setting and exists the configuration mode. Please turn off and then on the LCD and ensure the bike stays in the mode you desire.


Please note the bike’s throttle max speed has been limited to 6km/h to be compliant with Australian standards. However, you can unlock the limit only if you intend to use the bike for off-road use only by the following steps:

  • While the bike panel is off, twist the throttle to the max and pull and hold one brake lever
  • While the throttle is twisted to the max and one brake lever is pulled, turn on and then off the bike’s panel three times.
  • Now release the throttle and brake one more time
  • Turn on the panel. Now the 6 km limit is removed.

You can put the throttle speed limit back, by doing the above steps one more time. Please note riding the bike with unlocked throttle on public roads is illegal, so please remember to put back the limit before riding the bike on public roads. In order to use the throttle, the bike pedal assist level should not be on zero. Moreover, for safety reasons, you need to pedal one time and then you can use the throttle by twisting it. It would be better to put the bike on power mode, if you need more power in pedal assist mode or throttle mode.


Please hold the set button for 3 seconds until “0” is shown on the bottom left side of the LCD. Then, press set button again for another 2 times until 0 changes to 2. Now you can see the bike’s current speed limit in the middle of the LCD (25 km / h by default). Now by pressing + or – you can change the speed limit. Then press and hold the set button again until the LCD saves the changes and goes back to the normal operation mode.


This feature is designed to allow the motor to push the bike along while you walk beside it, up a parking ramp for example. In order to activate the walk-assist feature, please turn on the bike and press and hold the “-” button.

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