11- Operating the bike

IMPORTANT: The laws around the use of electric bikes on public lands, roads and areas vary from state to state. We recommend you always check your local council and road traffic laws prior to using a bike to ensure you are aware of any restrictions that may affect the use of motorised vehicles. Always use appropriate protective riding equipment such as an approved helmet and suitable clothing.


Press and hold the power button until the bike’s LCD turns on (photo 1). Then by pressing the ‘+’ button, you can increase the pedal assist level from 1 to 5. After setting the pedal assist level, you can start riding the bike. It is suggested to always start your ride at pedal assist level 1 and gear 1 then gradually increase them if needed. If you need more assistance, you should increase the pedal assist level. If you want to go faster, you need to increase the gear from gear #1 to gear #2 and #3. To climb hills, you should increase the pedal assist level and put the bike on gear #1. 


Please note the bike’s throttle max speed has been limited to 6km/h to be compliant with Australian standards. However, you can unlock the limit only if you intend to use the bike for off-road use only by the following steps:

  • While the bike panel is off, press the throttle (The throttle is located on the left side of the handlebars) and pull and pull the brake lever. You should hold the throttle and the brake lever throughout the process. 
  • While the throttle is pressed and the left brake lever is pulled, turn on and then off the bike using the power button three times.
  • Turn on the panel. Now the 6 km limit is removed.

You can put the throttle speed limit back, by doing the above steps one more time. Please note riding the bike with the unlocked throttle on public roads is illegal, so please remember to put back the limit before riding the bike on public roads. In order to use the throttle, the bike pedal assist level should not be at zero. Moreover, for safety reasons, you need first press the throttle and then pedal one time in order to use the throttle. 


Please hold the set button for 3 seconds until “set” starts to flash on the display. Then, each time that you short press the set button you can switch between different settings. Now go to the max speed setting. Now by pressing + or – you can change the speed limit. Then press and hold the set button again until the LCD saves the changes and goes back to the normal operation mode. Please note the max legal speed for on public roads, is 25 km / h. You can go faster than that speed with pedalling but the motor should not provide assistance at speeds over 25 km / h. So please ensure the max speed is set to 25 km / h if you intend to ride the bike on public roads. 

Turning on the lights

To turn on the lights, you should short press the power button. Both the front and rear lights turn on together. 

Note: On some controller versions, you will receive the error code 9 if the lights are off. You should turn on the lights in order for the error code to be cleared. For your safety, we suggest always riding the bike with lights on even during daylight. Primo battery is capable of keeping the lights on for 120 hours! The energy consumption of the lights is negligible considering the size of the battery on your bike.   

The assembly is done

Congratulations! Now you are done with the assembly. Before riding the bike ensure all the nuts, screws and bolts are fully tightened. If you need any further assistance, please contact us. 

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