4- Front Wheel Assembly


Cut the plastic tie that has attached the motor cable to the wheel spoke.

IMPORTANT: Please take extra care to not cut/damage the motor cable in this step. 


Remove the disk brake spacer, which is inserted between the brake pads. 

IMPORTANT: After the spacer is removed, do not pull the brake levers until the front wheel assembly is finished.  



Now you should insert the wheel inside the front forks dropouts. Please note on each side of the wheel’s axle there are one locking washer, one regular washer and one nut. The locking washer should be behind the dropout on each side (Between the motor and the dropout). The regular washer and the nut should be in front of the dropout on each side. 

Before inserting the wheel inside the front forks dropouts, please ensure the locking washer is pushed to the end of the axle on each side (As close as possible to the motor). Then please move the regular washer and the nut 2-3 cm away from the locking washer so that enough space becomes available on the axel to install the forks (Or you can remove the regular washer and the nut temporarily and put them back once the wheel is installed). 

As shown in the photos below, insert the front wheel axle inside the dropouts. The disk rotor should be on the left side. At the same time, you need to ensure the disk rotor is inserted in the tiny space between the brake pads. 

Please ensure the axle is fully inserted in the dropouts and the locking washer tab is also inserted in the dropout exactly as shown in the photo below (The locking washer will prevent the axle from spinning inside the dropout)

Now fully tighten the nuts on both sides using an adjustable wrench.

Now put the plastic cap on both side as shown in the photo below

Now remove the motor plug plastic cover

Now, while ensuring the arrows on both sides of the connection are facing each other, connect the motor connection. 

You may use one more cable tie to tie the motor cable to the fork to keep the cable as close as possible to the fork. Please do not tighten the tie too much, which might damage the motor cable. 

After the wheel assembly is finished, the wheel on your bike should look the same as below


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