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Table of Contents

STEP 0 - Tools required

Tools required for the assembly:

1x Screw driver 1x 10mm Wrench

1x 15mm Wrench 1x 8mm Wrench

1x Adjustable wrench

1x 5mm Alen key

STEP 1 - Opening the box

1. Cut the plastic straps of the bike carton (photos 1 & 2).

2. Open the carton door and take care so that the staples do not cut you (photo 3).

3. Remove the protective foam (photo 4).

4. Remove the small accessories box (photo 5).

5. Lay the carton on the floor (photo 6).

6. Pull the bike out of the carton (photo 7).

It is better to put a mat in front of the carton so that the bike frame does not get scratched.

7.Put the bike on a standing position (photo 8).

** Please note until the front wheel is assembled, the bike is not stable on a standing position.

So please lean it against a wall or have someone hold the bike until the front wheel assembly step is done.

(when you will be able to put the bike on the kickstand)

STEP 2 - Tools required
  1. Remove all protective material from the bike (photo 1 & 2).

** Please take care so that the bike frame does not get scratched.


STEP 0 - Tools required

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