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Who we are?

DiroDi is an Australian brand that designs and supplies products in e-mobility sector including but not limited to electric bikes and electric scooters. We are determined to be a world-class brand relying on our vision and development plans. We strongly believe that advances in lithium battery technologies will profoundly change the way we travel, exercise, entertain and in general life. We wanted to be a part of this exciting evolution and that is why DiroDi was born.

Why DiroDi?

What makes DiroDi different from other brands?

DiroDi believes its products should have four features together: To be reliable, comfortable, stylish and affordable. These are DiroDi’s promises. We’d rather close down our business than break our word.

DiroDi was born when we realized most products in the market aren’t holding these features all together. There are products that are reliable and stylish but not affordable. Likewise we have affordable products that do not live up to the expectations in terms of quality, comfort and style.

So, how can we offer electric bikes and electric scooters that are stylish, reliable and comfortable at affordable prices? Well, this is the magic of direct to customer online sales business model. You pay for the product itself not for the rent of our fancy show room or the 6 figure salary of our sales person. This has enabled DiroDi to offer Australia’s best scooters and ebikes online.

Having said all that, we understand our products aren’t entirely flawless and to be honest we have never been fully satisfied with any of our products. That’s why we always keep improving them. Continuous improvement is our obsession at DiroDi.

Company Gallery

Awesome Team

Team Image 01

Pasha Golshani

Team Image 01

Hamed Tofighi Mohammadi

Digital Marketing Manager

Mohammad Enjavi Amiri

 Industrial designer/ product manager
Team Image 01

Mohsen Taheri

Product Design Manager
Team Image 01

Amir Khosro Bahadori

Product Development Manager
Team Image 01

Ethan More

Technical customer support
Team Image 01

Hoda Ahmed G.

Team Image 01

Joe Gallagher

Bike mechanical and customer service specialist
Team Image 01

Lili N.Peyman

SEO + Social Media Strategist
Team Image 01

Mike Tamayo

Customer service specialist

DiroDi Brand Story

  • Established by launching DiroDi Classimo
  • Launched DiroDi ClassX and DiroDi Nue
  • Launched DiroDi Rover and DiroDi xTreme
  • Launched Classimo (Gen 2) and ClassX (Gen 2)
  • 250% year on year growth
  • Launched electric scooter line of business
  • Launched DiroDi Primo
  • 400% year on year growth
  • Launched electric dirt bike line of business
  • Launched power station line of business
  • Launched solar panel line of business

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Company Location : 203 Rooks Rd, Vermont VIC 3133, Australia Map

Contact Us

Phone Number:

1300 483 040
Every day And Everywhere

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Company Location :

203 Rooks Rd, Vermont VIC 3133, Australia